One Of The World’s Most Sought After Consultant Mentors…

Ari Galper is the World’s #1 Authority on Trust-Based Selling and the creator of Unlock The Game®, a new sales mindset and approach that overturns the notion of selling as we know it today. With over 74,433 subscribers and clients in over 35 countries, Unlock The Game has become the most successful Trust-Based Selling approach of our time. In a day and age where technology rules the selling world, for many growth-oriented business owners and sales consultants, authenticity and trust have taken a “back seat” to the sales process.

Who Is The Trusted Authority Summit For?

You’re a Professional Consultant and Advisor who helps other businesses grow. But why is it that you’re still subjected to chasing potential clients to make a sale… and if they do call you back, they treat you as if you are just a “vendor” or one of many choices…that is not the respect you deserve.

Why Attend The Trusted Authority Summit?

For years, ever since my business went global as Unlock The Game® became a worldwide success, many of my private clients who were also Professional Consultants and Advisors like me, kept asking if they could take a “peek” under the hood of my business to see what my formula was for the way I positioned myself and my business so that I could essentially become a CATEGORY OF ONE – incomparable to anyone else in my market.

What You'll Learn...


How To Leverage The New “State Of Selling” To Your Advantage As a Professional Consultant


How To Conquer The “Tall Poppy Syndrome” And Create Your Trusted Authority Mindset


How to Free Yourself From Your Inner Voice That Tells You Not To “Self-Promote” And Not To Achieve The Success You Deserve


The Anatomy Of A Trusted Authority And The Formula For You To Become #1 In Your Market


How To Create Your Own “Trust Assets” That Take Out All The “Chasing” And Resistance From Your Sales Process (Prepare To Rejoice!)


Discover Your Customized Trusted Authority “Road Map” And How To Implement It In The Next 90 Days